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kritisk etnografi – Swedish Journal of Anthropology, 2018, Vol 1, Issue 1, “The Public Presence of Anthropology”
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Thomas Borén

Fostering Engaged and Responsible Scholarship: Global scope, local relevance, and public engagement
DOI: 10.33063/diva-355997
Sten Hagberg and Jörgen Hellman

The Public Presence of Anthropology: A Critical Approach
DOI: 10.33063/diva-355992
Didier Fassin

The Travels of Protean Biologies
DOI: 10.33063/diva-355993
Margaret Lock

Being Irrelevant in a Relevant Way: Anthropology and Public Wisdom
DOI: 10.33063/diva-355994
Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Swedish Anthropology: Past and Present
DOI: 10.33063/diva-355995
Ulf Hannerz

Reports from Swedish Anthropology: Swedish PhD Dissertations in Anthropology 2016-2018