kritisk etnografi – Swedish Journal of Anthropology is an international peer-review journal.

We welcome special issues proposals and individual submissions at any time and throughout the year. In our Bricolage section, we publish peer-reviewed articles submitted individually.

The articles should not exceed 8,000 Words, including references. Articles should be in English. Shorter articles and think-pieces of general interest are also invited, particularly for our Perspectives section.

In kritisk etnografi we always seek to update on ongoing themes and discussions in Swedish Anthropology, including recent dissertations, ´major research programmes, etc.

Instructions for authors (docx)

Proposals should be sent to

Peer reviewing process

Manuscripts are evaluated by the editors-in-chief and by external referees. Associate editors of the journal and invited guest editors may also participate in the review process. Once your manuscript has been assessed for suitability by the editors, it will then be submitted to double-blind peer reviewed by independent, anonymous expert referees. Authors are invited to suggest potential reviewers; however, the editors will not be bound by these suggestions.