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kritisk etnografi – Swedish Journal of Anthropology was launched on 15 August 2018 as part of the EASA2018 Conference in Stockholm. The inaugural issue focused on the Public Presence of Anthropology with contributions by Didier Fassin, Margaret Lock, Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Ulf Hannerz. In 2019, a double issue (Vol 2, Issue 1-2) was produced on Comparative Municipal Ethnographies. The 2020 issues focus on the Anthropology of Wellbeing in Troubled Times (Vol3, Issue 1), and Putting Swedish Anthropology to Work (Vol 3, Issue 2). The first issue of 2021 (Vol 4, Issue 1) was a Varia, that is, a non-thematic issue that welcomes papers on any topic, and the second (Vol 4, Issue 2) focused on The Social Life of Water. In 2022, we published a double issue addressing the question: Is Europe Skilling for Sustainable Food? (Vol 5, Issue 1-2). In 2023, we published an issue of The Future of Diversity (Vol 6, Issue 1).

We welcome proposals of special issues of at least four papers, individual submissions for the peer-reviewed Bricolage section, and texts and shorter pieces for our Perspectives section. Submissions can be sent in any time, throughout the year:

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