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kritisk etnografi – Swedish Journal of Anthropology, 2019, Vol 2, Issue 1-2, “Comparative Municipal Ethnographies“
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Introductory Note by the Editors-in-Chief
Sten Hagberg and Jörgen Hellman

Comparative Municipal Ethnographies

Introduction: Comparative Municipal Ethnographies
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409758
Sten Hagberg

Community Development and the Third Wave of Decentralisation in Indonesia: The Politics of the 2014 Village Law
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409759
Hans Antlöv

Political Gender Dilemmas of Conflict and Complementarity in Bolivia: Quotas, Resistance and Parallelism
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409760
Charlotta Widmark

“Like the Chicken and the Egg”: Market Vendors and the Dilemmas of Neoliberal Urban Planning in Re-Centralised Kampala (Uganda)
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409761
Anna Baral

“Tout a été loti!”: Decentralisation, Land Speculation and Urban Expansion in Niamey, Niger
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409762
Gabriella Körling and Hassane Moussa Ibrahima

Diaspora-Driven Development and Dispute: Home-Area Associations and Municipal Politics in Mali
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409764
Sten Hagberg and Bintou Koné

From Refuge to Rights: Majnu ka Tilla Tibetan Colony in New Delhi
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409765
Madhura Balasubramaniam and Sonika Gupta

Local Politics in Controlling Commercial Sex in a Philippine Municipality
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409766
Mari-Elina Ekoluoma

Divisive Democracy, Urban Trade, and Small-Small Politics in Northern Ghana
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409767
Ulrik Jennische

The Rise and Fall of a Political Party: Handling Political Failure in Municipal Elections in Burkina Faso
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409768
Sten Hagberg


About the Moralities of the Commons in the East African Cattle Economy
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409769
Gudrun Dahl

Harmonization and Ethnographic Critique in the Context of Innovation Politics
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409770
Torbjörn Friberg

Witnessing Anthropological Journeys, and the Returns: A Report from the 2019 Vega Symposium
DOI: 10.33063/diva-409771
Jörgen Hellman