Editorial focus

The ambition of the journal kritisk etnografi – Swedish Journal of Anthropology is to foster solid and responsible scholarship of high standard in terms of ethnographic practice, societal engagement, and disciplinary exploration in a truly global endeavor.

More specifically, the journal aims:

  • to provide a Swedish-based venue for anthropological voices from both the “global South” and the global North” in the academic community and in public debate
  • to strengthen the anthropological voices in, and about, current public debates on cultural differences and similarities that sometimes too easily sway into the field of xenophobia and racism
  • to promote the public engagement of anthropology, for instance when it comes to global processes of racism, and xenophobia
  • to discuss the methodological, ethical, and epistemological problems of this engagement as particular forms of critical ethnography

kritisk etnografi – Swedish Journal of Anthropology is an independent, truly open access, and Society owned and run journal. Read more here