kritisk etnografi – Swedish Journal of Anthropology, 2020, Vol 3, Issue 1, “The Anthropology of Wellbeing in Troubled Times”
In press.

Introductory Note of the Editors-in-Chief
Sten Hagberg and Jörgen Hellman

Anthropology of Wellbeing in Troubled Times

Imaging Knowledge: Visual Anthropology, Storytelling and the Slow Path Toward Wisdom
Paul Stoller

Sensuous Scholarship and the Quest for Wellbeing
David Napier

Imagining World Solidarities for a Livable Future
Alisse Waterston

Activism as Care: Kathmandu, Paris, Toronto, New York City
Carole McGranahan


Of Rumors and Transfers: The Short Life of Western-Educated Women’s Associations in French Sudan (1955–1960)
Rosa De Jorio

SANT Panel Discussion Corona: Anthropology about a pandemic
Tova Höjdestrand

Swedish PhD Dissertations in Anthropology and related disciplines 2016-2018