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kritisk etnografi Swedish Journal of Anthropology, 2021, Vol. 4, Issue 1, “Varia”
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Introductory Note of the Editors-in-Chief
Sten Hagberg and Jörgen Hellman


A Window onto Capitol Hill: Cunning Conservatism and Shadow Politics
Christina Garsten

Jocular Ethnography: The Productive Work of Humour in Fieldwork on Migration
Anja K. Franck

A Critical Ethnography of Political Activism: Challenges Arising from Practical, Emotional and Theoretical Closeness to the Field
Christina Hansen

Modernism is the New Radical Alterity: Exploring the Dialectics of Anthropological Critique in Modernity
Torbjörn Friberg


Two John Eri(c)(k)ssons Make One Anthropologist
William Arens

In Memoriam: William Arens
Ulla-Britt Engelbrektsson