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kritisk etnografi  Swedish Journal of Anthropology, 2023, Vol. 6, Issue 1, “The Future of Diversity”
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Introductory Note by the Editors-in-Chief
Sten Hagberg and Jörgen Hellman


Threats to diversity in the shadow of Anthropocene overheating: A biosemiotic perspective
Thomas Hylland Eriksen

The homogenisation of diversity: Processes selecting for biocultural generalism in the Anthropocene
Alf Hornborg

Relating to the river: New bio-cultural diversities in human engagements with water
Veronica Strang

Conservation as homogenisation? Socio-spiritual-ecological futures and collaborative relations
Paige West


Memory making, memory marketing: Mobile films, social media, and popular struggle in Burkina Faso
Sten Hagberg


Swedish anthropology in the rear view mirror: Before 1960
Ulf Hannerz